JANUARY 19 TO 23RD, 2013

Two teams on the trail in the first leg to Fox River checkpoint


Second checkpoint at Al's cabin

Beginning on January 16th to 20st, 2016 experience the thrill of a 5+ day sled dog race training / camping session in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula

Note:  If there are not 8 paid entry's by Dec. 1st, 2015 the  event will be cancelled.  If the
 event is cancelled all entry fees
 will be refunded 100%.  Any withdrawals after Dec. 1st will receive all their entry fee less $100.  No refunds after  January 1, 2016.

Rules are the same as the Iditarod or Quest, except for recreational mushers.

2014 MUSHERS                            TIME
 Bob Shanahan (300)                        40:05 Hr
Hank DeBruin  (300)                               40:17
Herb Brambley (200) 37:o4
Liza Dietzen (300) 42:24
Marla BB (300) DNF
Cindy Gallea (300) 41:09
Stacy Rader 43:05
Allen Dunn DNF
Ailena Baum (rec)
Dan Bocock (rec)
Rick Minard (rec)
Geri Minard (rec)

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